Welcome to Hawthorne Animal Health Care
, one of the North Shore’s premier centers for comprehensive, compassionate veterinary care. Our goal is to provide the best health care possible — and to work closely with you to tailor our care to your pet’s unique needs.

Our experienced veterinarians have worked as a team for years, developing an integrated approach that draws from the best of traditional and alternative therapies. We strive to provide excellent medical, surgical, and dental services, but our practice also encompasses acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and flower essence therapy — a holistic approach that aims for complete recovery and optimal health. Meet Our Practitioners.

As longstanding members of the community, we focus on relationships — with you, and with your pet. Our thorough preventive care can help your pet avoid many common ailments, but in times of illness, we offer support with treatment options that you may not get elsewhere. Explore Our Services.