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Reflections from Samana

Reflections from Samana

Dr. Arthur Freedman

I travel to the Dominican Republic every June, as some of you know, volunteering with Project Samana, a nonprofit organization for animals much like Doctors Without Borders.  During our week on the Samana Peninsula, we (veterinarians, vet students, technicians, and assistants) provide free medical and surgical care to as many animals in need as we can.  (“In need” describes a large part of the animal population there.)  This year’s trip was my fourteenth, and, I’m happy to say, was a successful one.  The group consisted of 24 members, many from MA, and some from CA, GA, CO, and VA.  Our  small-animal team (about half the group) performed 160 surgeries in 4 days, and the large-animal team traveled many miles from farm to farm to castrate and care for 40 horses and mules—the DR’s mainstay work animals.  The animals we weren’t able to treat will wait until November, when another group goes down. Project Samana_02

What made the trip really special this time was our stay at a newly renovated, grand old hotel, where we were treated much like royalty.  The food and accommodations were wonderful.  The staff really appreciated why we were there and went out of their way to make our after-hours pleasant.  We were happy we all chipped in a little more this year for the relaxing end-of-day experience.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of this group and its mission to educate the underprivileged about animal care.  It positively reinforces my decision to become a veterinarian and reminds me of how advantaged I am to have so many resources at home that aren’t available everywhere.  If you are able to donate, I hope you might consider this cause.

A Tribute to a Wonderful Man

We were heartbroken to learn of the recent death of Joel Woolfson, a brilliant veterinarian and close friend, who spent many hours here when pets needed special surgery. Joel had a huge heart, ever apparent when he was with animals—especially Annie, his beloved rescue dog and soul mate. Joel and Annie were deeply connected—it was hard to tell who rescued whom—and when Annie died a couple of years ago, Joel never fully recovered from her loss. We will hold onto the memory of this unassuming, remarkable man, who may never have understood how meaningful his life was on earth. He was a gift to us all, beyond words.

Scenes From Samana

Scenes From Samana  

This year was Dr. Freedman’s 13th trip with Project Samana to the Dominican Republic.
This annual volunteer mission offers veterinary care to underprivileged residents.

Project Samana_02

Project Samana_06



Project Samana_01 Project Samana_05

Another Finish for Dr. Freedman

Another Finish for Dr. Freedman


Dr. F. and Dr. R. meet up at this year’s Pan Mass Challenge finish line. Dr. F. thanks all those he can’t thank personally for their cash contributions to the donation bucket in support of his 14th ride.


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Celebrating 30 Years!  

We’ve just passed the 30-year mark! Dr. F. opened HAHC in the spring of 1986. We’re honored to have been a part of the North Shore community for all these years, meeting so many great people and caring for so many great pets. Thanks to all for this opportunity.