Giving Back

Giving_Back_icon_red_250pixelsHawthorne Animal Health Care is committed to giving back to our community, particularly in ways that support animals in need — and their caretakers. Our practitioners provide veterinary services on a volunteer basis and are involved in fostering and rescue work. If you want to join our efforts to support the local animal-care community, here are some of the organizations we support. Call us at 978.741.2300 for information about these or other organizations, and ways you can help.

MSPCA Nevins Farm
This animal-care facility shelters and cares for farm and companion animals.
Marblehead Animal Shelter
A “no kill,” all-care shelter run exclusively by volunteers from donations.
Mass Paws
A group of volunteers who rescue and foster stray animals in their homes prior to adoption.
Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society
This group offers programs designed to help feral and domestic cats, as well as cat owners in need.
Commonwealth Cats
Volunteers help to curtail the feral cat population through a trap-spay/neuter-release program.
Northeast Animal Shelter
This “no-kill” shelter rescues cats and dogs from all over the country.